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Virus Removal Service in Crawley.

Frontline Computers (Established 1989) have been serving home and business computer users for the last 24 years. We have skilled IT staff with over 20 years of practical hands on experience and the correct technical knowledge to help you fix your computer as quickly as possible. That means you save time and money every time.

Signs & Symptoms of computer infection (from a virus)...
Your computer can get infected by opening an emails attachment, internet downloads and even by simply browsing the internet. The clearest sign that your computer has detected a virus is when your anti-virus software alerts you  - if anti-virus is installed and it detects the virus. Some AV software may not detect a virus even if it is present.

Typical symptoms of a virus infection on a computer is that the system  appears to slow down to a fraction of the normal processing speed because the computer's resources are used up by the virus. Sometimes the Windows operating system will alert you with system message like "missing DLL files" or "the program performed an illegal operation" when the virus performs an illegal function. In extreme cases, viruses can prevent the PC from booting into Windows, or if it does start up, the desktop is missing your usual desktop icons. When there is no virus protection on a PC, viruses spread from one computer to another in some cases by using the contacts in your email program and the email software to send emails to your contacts. The longer you leave it, the greater the damage, and a higher risk of you losing your data (pictures, music, videos, work files etc.,) as the computer infection can corrupt and erase data.

How to remove your computer's infection (virus, trojan...)
If your computer is infected or it is showing symptoms listed here then we can help. Whatever you require virus removal, trojan removal, spyware removal, malware removal, adware removal or popup removal - we have the correct software tools and utilities along with the equipment and technical know-how to successfully detect and remove virus without compromising your data. Our trained IT technicians will perform an online and offline scan using a series of anti-virus, spyware and malware removal tools. In most cases we can successfully remove the infection but in some instances where the infection has compromised the operating system files, a complete re-install of Windows will be required. If this process is not done correctly, you risk losing all of your data files.

Frontline offer a data backup and transfer service to ensure all your data is moved safely, ensuring that any data moved back onto your "clean" system is free of viruses. To remove your computer's virus infection properly, contact us today for immediate service. Call us today on 01293 415000.

We endeavour to resolve your problem as efficiently as possible. We can visit you on-site (at your business premises), at your home, or you can simply walk in to our repair centre in Crawley.

We are so confident that we can help you with all of your IT issues that we operate on a No-fix No-fee policy. and we offer free advice on all aspects of IT and computer problems. Call us today on 01293 415000.

Virus Removal

What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a self replicating malicious computer program that has been developed with the intention to corrupt your computer's operating system and data files. Your computer can get infected with a virus when you download anything off the internet, from emails with  attachments (videos, pictures, software etc). A virus intends to spread itself deep within your system files and corrupt files and data along the way. Some viruses like to spread to other computers, so will try to access your email software and automatically email your contacts list with the infection. Viruses can also spread when you transfer files from one pc to another.

Virus Symptoms

  • Computer becomes very un-responsive (appears to run extremely slowly.
  • Computer takes much longer to boot (start up).
  • Windows OS reports missing system files (DLL files).
  • Windows reports that "illegal" operations were performed.
  • Internet Explorer fails to load  or starts up on another home page.
  • Your anti-virus software reports that virus(es) were found.
  • BSOD - Blue screen of Death.
  • Programs start unexpectedly or popup windows appear randomly.
  • Your Anti-Virus software is mysteriously disabled, and it fails to restart.
Virus Removal (...and how we can help you)
You should update your anti-virus software with the latest online updates and then run a full system scan. Note though, that some Anti-virus software may not detect a virus even when it is actually present.

The best way to be sure to completely remove the virus is to seek advice from our in house IT Technicians. We will inspect your computer and then perform a thorough, deep-scan for infected files to clearly identify and then remove the infection. We run several commercial virus scanning utilities to make sure that we cover all possible known threats against your data.

It is best to contact us immediately for free advice. Call us today on 01293 415000.

Spyware Removal

What is Spyware?
Spyware is computer software intended for malicious intent. Most common spyware software is designed to gather personal information (looking for private information stored on the users pc) or logs confidential information with (keystroke loggers which tries to log usernames, passwords and credit card details that you type). Your collected information is then emailed over to the hacker. Other spyware is designed to monitor user activity and then serve ads in the form of "pop ups" when you are browsing. Generally Spyware is not designed to spread like a virus. The problem with spyware is it may be difficult to detect as it is designed to be hidden. However, by identifying likely symptoms of those infected with spyware, it may indicate spyware infection.

Spyware Symptoms
  • System running really slow
  • Disk space running out quickly
  • Windows not able to boot
  • Internet Connection Problem
  • Internet Explorer not loading correctly
  • Slow internet connection speeds

Spyware Removal (...and how we can help you)
There are software tools available to detect and remove spyware. However, it depends on how sophisticated the spyware is versus how sophisticated the antispyware tool is. In basic terms, the antispyware tool may not detect the spyware. This is why we use commercial grade virus and spyware detection software to successfully detect and remove the spyware infection. In some cases, if the infection has affected large parts of your windows computer, we may recommend that a backup of your data files (pictures, music, videos, documents, data files etc) and a complete format of your hard disk and re-install windows fresh. Finally, scanning the back of data files before transferring them back onto the new build of windows on your pc.

We have a fully qualified and equipped IT Team ready to help you. So, Call us today on 01293 415000.


Malware Removal

What is Malware?

Malware is malicious software. It refers to viruses, worms and tojans. Malware can be best described as any software that has been installed on your system without your knowledge. Malware is spread through computer programs and is designed to cause disruption and destruction. It can delete, modify or copy your data  (pictures, music, videos, documents, data files etc) and affect the performance of your computer. It can also create keystroke loggers to collect sensitive data and send it to hackers. Malware generally spread through the internet, email and local area networks - or by simply transferring a few files from one pc to another using a USB memory stick.

Malware Symptoms
  • System running really slow.
  • Windows Operating System Corruption.
  • PC unable to boot.
  • User's files deleted or missing.
  • Internet Connection Problem - unable to connect.
  • Internet Explorer not loading correctly.
  • Slow internet connection speeds.

Malware Removal (...and how we can help you)

If you have a good quality security suite installed on your computer, then it should be able to protect, detect and remove malware. However, in some cases it may not detect some malware infections depending on the level of sophistication of the malware. At Frontline, we use a variety of commercial grade software utilities to perform in-depth system scans, scanning system files and hooks into the operating systems core kernel functions (just like a malware virus would). Our scanners look for any irregularities and detect and remove malware infection. We can also advise you on which security software you should use to help prevent future malware infections.

We have a fully qualified and equipped IT Team ready to help you. So, Call us today on 01293 415000.

Adware Removal

What is Adware?

Software that launches unwanted adverts on your pc.

Adware Symptoms


Adware Removal (...and how we can help you)

use Adware scanner 

Popup Removal

What is a Popup?

popups with adverts on your pc.

Popup Symptoms


Popup Removal (...and how we can help you)

use antivirus and adware spyware scanner

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