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Laptop Upgrade Service in Crawley.

Frontline Computers established since 1989 have been serving home and business users for the last 24 years. We have skilled IT staff with over 20 years of practical, hands-on experience and the technical knowledge to help you upgrade your laptop as quickly as possible so not only do you save time but money too.

Whatever you need to upgrade in your Laptop, whether it's a laptop hardware upgrade or laptop software upgrade, we aim to help you as efficiently as possible:

We can visit you On-site (business), or at your home and attempt to upgrade your computer as we stock spares / parts. Or you can simply walk in to our Computer Repair Workshop in Three Bridges Crawleyfor some free and friendly advice.

We have a no fix no fee policy and we offer free advice - you can call today 01293 415000.

Laptop Hardware upgrades
Common possible upgrades for your laptop, netbook, ultrabook, notepad or tablet pc can include:

Memory Upgrade
If your laptop is running slow or you are now using more "memory-hungry" software applications then a RAM (Memory) upgrade will give your computer a new lease of life. Most laptop manufacturers ship just enough RAM to be usable for normal use, but if you need to go a little beyond this norm and run out of RAM, you will be overworking the hardware slowing it down. When your machine needs more memory, we can help you upgrade all the way up to the maximum that your system can support. We stock most popular memory but with so many different speeds and specification of memory in use (DDR, DDR2, DDR3 memory), we always perfectly match system with the exact specification of memory specified by the manufacturer. That means no system crashe (Blue screen of death) or "System Halted" failures after you upgrade the memory.Our skilled technicians can fit the memory in most cases in a while you wait service.

Hard Disc Upgrade
It is common for many people to use their laptop as their only computer and in so doing, storing all data files including their pictures, videos, work
and home files, programs on that system. Typically most laptops come with just enough storage for normal use. Eventually you will find that your disc space is depleted, thereby throttling performance or even preventing you from doing any meaningful work. We have several options available for you: we can either upgrade your hard disc to the maximum that your system will support, (eg 1000GB or 1TB) hard disk and our trained IT technicians can clone your Hard drive (containing your Windows Operating System, Programs, Email, Pictures, Videos, Music and Files) all onto the new HDD so you end up with a larger hard disc without losing any of your existing files and programs that you have already paid for and installed. Alternatively, you can have additional storage outside of your system with an portable USB external Hard disc for you to save your files on to. External devices with sufficient capacity also double as a backup unit for yourinternal disc drive.

WIFI / Wireless card Upgrade
Some older laptops may not have a wireless
card installed required for connecting the laptop to a wireless internet service, or the installed wireless card has simply become faulty. Our trained technicians can install or replace the wireless card in your laptop. Alternatively, you can install a USB wireless "dongle" but this is usually not as neat as having the card installed (and concealed) within the laptop casing.

Bluetooth upgrade
Some laptops may not have a Bluetooth built in or the
Bluetooth has become faulty. This doesn't mean your laptop cannot have Bluetooth capability. Our skilled technicians can install or replace the Bluetooth device into your laptop. Alternatively, you can install a USB Bluetooth  device but again, this is usually not as neat as having the card installed (and concealed) within the laptop casing.

Battery upgrade
Laptop batteries degrade over time affecting the charge capacity and the battery power time. Eventually, the battery will hold no power at all and AC power failure will cause the laptop to instantly switch off.

If you need your laptop's battery to last longer, it will need to be replaced with a new unit. We always match your laptop battery perfectly to the manufacturer's specifications. Where possible, Frontline can source a
higher capacity battery, which for some laptop models can hold charge for up to 8-10 hours in normal laptop use running on battery. To extend the battery life even further, some manufacturers provide laptop battery upgrade options that use "media-bay" batteries - a battery shaped in the form of your DVD drive that you can install in place of the DVD drive . Note this option is only supported for certain model laptops only. All batteries must be disposed of carefully.

Optical Drive upgrade
Some older laptops which were supplied in a basic specification may have been shipped with a
CD, DVD or CDRW drive and may not include a combination of all three. As laptop users are demanding more from their laptops, you may need DVDRW capability for your laptop.  in upgrading to a DVDRW you have two options: Upgrade the internal drive to a DVDRW drive or for sharing between other computers, an external USB DVDRW drive.

We have a no fix no fee policy and we offer free advice - you can call today 01293 415000.

Laptop Software upgrades
Common possible software upgrades for your laptop, netbook, ultrabook, notepad or tablet pc can include:

Windows Upgrade
Many laptops in use today are still running older Windows operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista. Whilst both these versions of Windows are acceptable for many home u
sers, there are  many benefits of upgrading to Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating System. In many cases, customers have found that their laptop will run faster with the new version of Windows as it utilise the resources better. We can advise you if you upgrade your Windows operating system, if your laptop specification meets the minimum system requirements to run a later Windows OS and if not, the hardware upgrade costs (if any) required to meet the minimum system requirements. We can also help with backing up all your data and emails, loading the new operating system with all necessary device drivers and windows updates before putting back your full data within the new operating system.

Anti-virus Software Upgrade
Many people unknowingly use low quality antivirus software which doesn't fully protect their system. The main reasons for this is that it is a free download. This can lead to your system getting infected and then incur cost in removing the infection. We can advise on the best antivirus for your use, at a reasonable price. If your system has AV siftware installed but it has expired. it will give you a false sense of security; at best it will be scanning with the viruses it know about - and at worst it will be installed but not scanning anything. We can help you t install or upgrade the current version to the latest up to date version.

Microsoft Office Upgrade
Many new systems brought from retail outlets are shipped with a 30-day Starter Version of Microsoft Office. This is a trial version to let you test the Office Suite of programs on your PC and it will stop functioning after the trail. To continue using the package you must purchase and install a valid licence and we can help you. If youa re still running and old versions of Microsoft Office , such as Office XP, Office 2000, Office 2003 or Office 2007 - then you will be unable to open word / excel files created by the latest Office Version. You can fix this by upgrading to the latest version and you can benefit from the file compatibility as well as the improvements in the new versions of Office.

We have skilled IT staff and can help you upgrade your version of Office by correctly uninstalling the old version and installing the new version and making sure all of your old documents still work with the new version.

Upgrading all major Computer Brands
We support DELL, HP, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, Packard Bell, Advent, Tiny, Time and all clone PCs.

We have a no fix no fee policy and we offer free advice - you can call today 01293 415000.


We have technical know how and experience including all the
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We have the technical knowhow and experience to resolve your computer and IT problems. But if your can't come to us, or you are too far to travel to us...then we can resolve your IT problem using our Online Remote Diagnostics and Support software.


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